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2013 Road Bike Buyers Guide

A unique 33pg Buyers Guide to 2013 road bikes. This comprehensive listing (first published in Cycling Weekly, Feb 2013) includes over 1,000 bikes to suit every budget, with prices ranging from £700 to £25,000. Also includes short articles on buying advice, road bike anatomy, frame materials, upgrades and where to buy.

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Since our last Cycling Weekly buyer’s guide, back in 2007, cycling has become huge. Six years ago it was still a bit of a niche activity — now, it’s virtually our national pastime.

With so many Brits taking to two wheels it’s hardly surprising that the number of bikes available to the newly cycling masses has increased proportionately — and that’s why what used to be a few pages of listings in the tech pages has turned into a full-blown 40-page epic. We’ve tried to get a price and a spec for every complete road bike you can buy in pounds sterling.

We reckon £700 is a good starting point for a road bike. For that sum you get a dropbar machine with nine speeds that is reasonably light, strong, comfortable and designed for longish rides at a decent pace — like the Raleigh Revenio 2.

Meanwhile, at the very top of the listings, £25,000 secures the Aston Martin One-77 Cycle, a British-built, hand-crafted dream machine derived from racing car technology with a sophisticated multi-channel computer built into the handlebar, that’s limited to 77 pieces. Just don’t crash it!

In between the listings pages we’ve got features to help you pinpoint exactly the bike that suits the type of riding you do. We take a look at the most common frame materials, the latest groupsets, the various pedal options and what to look for if you’re thinking of upgrading your wheels.

We also take a look at professional bike fits and why you ought to get one — even if you’re already an experienced cyclist.

Whether you’re after the Raleigh or the Aston Martin, we hope there’s everything you need here to make the most of your purchasing power all here in this 33 page guide.


Featured in issue date: Cycling Weekly 14th February 2013

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