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Fausto Coppi Leggenda T-Shirt - Sage

A tribute to Fausto Coppi - a cycling legend!

Our price: £19.99 In stock
Our price: £19.99 In stock
Our price: £19.99 In stock
Our price: £19.99 In stock
Our price: £19.99 In stock
Our price: £19.99 In stock


Fausto Coppi was born on September 15, 1919 and was know as the Campionissimo ("The Champion of Champions").

Coppi was known in Italy as the Airone or the heron for the way he seemed to open his wings and fly up climbs. He was one of the champions during cyclings great eras, the Post World War II years. Italy, traumatized by war looked to sports heroes for its victories after years of military defeat and Coppi was the man to deliver, winning the Tour de France twice and the Giro d`Italia five times.

His battle with another great Italian rider, Gino Bartali, was the stuff of legends. The two men battled through the Giro d'Italia, Tour de France and numerous one-day classics in an epic struggle for athletic superiority and the hearts of the Italian people. You could say he was the man who transcended cycling to another level, like the T-Shirt says "Coppi sei un leggenda", Coppi you are a legend.

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