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The Robert Millar Book and DVD Bundle

The Robert Millar Bundle is a must for any fans of the Scottish legend...

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This great bundle includes:

  • The High Life: A Year in the Life of Robert Millar
  • In Search of Robert Millar

The High Life DVD

In 1984 Scottish cyclist Robert Millar created a stir by winning the King of the Mountains jersey and finishing fourth overall in the Tour de France.

In this unique film made in 1985 with the eyes of the UK on him, the camera records his feelings about the year, his performance and morale within the team. With flashbacks to his stage win in 1984, mixed with 1985 footage of the Tour, Vuelta and Worlds, the bike fan is treated to a behind the scenes view of life in the Peugeot team.

Interviews with Millar and team mate Alan Peiper give a insight into bike racing politics at the time. Enjoy seeing some of the greats of the eighties: Kelly, LeMond, Roche, Hinault, Delgado, Yates and many more.

A film by Peter Carr

Unique film plus 1 hour of BONUS FEATURES:

Interview with Richard Moore, Author of In Search of Robert Millar

Robert Millar feature (from The BritPack DVD)

Photo Gallery


In Search of Robert Millar (Paperback)

"A classic bird-like climber, light ands wiry in build, Millar was the best British cyclist, all round, since Tom Simpson". William Fotheringham

The compelling story of Britain's best-ever cyclist -- one of the most enigmatic, complex and contradictory athletes in any sport -- and the unravelling of the puzzle surrounding his sudden and dramatic disappearance. Cyclist Robert Millar came from one of Europe's most industrialised cities, Glasgow, to excel in the most unlikely terrain -- over the high mountain passes of the Pyrenees and the Alps. He was crowned King of the Mountains during the 1984 Tour de France and remains the only ever Briton to finish on the podium of the world's toughest race.



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