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Accessible websites are those that can be visited by anyone, regardless of any disability they may have. And with over 10 million disabled people in the UK, we think it's important that websites are designed with accessibility in mind.

We've followed accessibility guidelines put together by the World Wide Web consortium. These guidelines advise on a range of elements, such as the use of colour, language, text size and proper labelling of images.

We're always looking to improve the experience of our site visitors, so if you have any feedback, or spot something that we may have missed, then we’d love to hear about it and will do our best to address the problem as soon as possible.

If you have any queries with regards to accessibility please email us at

More information

There is a lot of information on the internet about creating accessible websites. Below is a selection of links you may find useful:

Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI). The WAI (opens in new window) provides guidelines and resources to make the web accessible to disabled people.
JAWS (opens in new window). JAWS is a popular screen reader for Windows. 
W3C markup validation service (opens in new window). This is a free service that checks web documents for conformance to W3C recommendations and other standards.
The Disability Rights Commission (opens in new window) is an independent body who promote equality and opportunity for disabled people.


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